Annual Show

Our 2023 show will be February 3rd, 4th and 5th

List of participating vendors and societies.

Deep Cut Orchid Society

North Jersey Orchid Society

Central Jersey Orchid Society

Southeastern Pennsylvania Orchid Society

Fukiran Society of America

Deep Cut Bonsai Society

Waldor Orchids

Orchid Classics

Fair Orchids

White Plains Orchids

Silva Orchids

J&L Orchids


Woodstream Orchids

Main Street Orchids

Dearborn Market

Lecture Schedule

Saturday, February 4th

10:30 Basic Orchid Culture, Faye Arnett, DCOS

1:00 Growing Orchids in the Home, Madhu Chintala, DCOS

2:15 Phalaenopsis Orchid Culture, Tony Lombardo, DCOS

3:30 Bonsai A-Z, Stephen Koebcke, Deep Cut Bonsai Society

Sunday, February 5th

10:30 Repotting Orchids, Art Heath, DCOS

1:30 Potting Mediums for Orchids, Silva Orchids, Neptune, NJ

3:00 Miniature Orchids, Cordelia Head, J&L Orchids, Easton, CT

Resources for Exhibitors

2023 Show Schedule

DCOS Show Schedule 2023 final rev for distr.pdf

2023 Registration form

2023 Plant Registration Form FINAL FINAL.xlsx

Previous Shows

DCOS member and orchid enthusiast Steve aka "Dr. Plants" takes us on a guided tour of our 2018 show.

Classic Dr. Plants circa 2017