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DCOS is a proud affiliate of The American Orchid Society

NOTICE - Due to COVID-19 many events are being cancelled. The events calendar below is a source for current information which we post as we get information.

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Our next meeting is September 8th at 7:30 PM and will again be via ZOOM. Members will receive an email invitation with the ZOOM join link, meeting ID and password. Contact deepcutorchids@gmail.com if you do not receive it by September 3rd.

Our guest is Sergio Garcia, and his presentation will be on “Laelia Purpurata”. We will learn about the geography, cultivation, development of the species from cultivars initially found in nature to today’s breeding, as well as, and most importantly, an education on its varieties and their cultivation. His biography below belies his experience and his deep seated love of orchids especially those finding their origin in Brazil.

A vitual show table will follow Seregio's presentation. Member can email pictures of their blooming plants to deepcutorchids@gmail.com.

Sergio Garcia’s Background

When I was just a little 9 year old boy in 1977, my father and I suddenly became hooked on orchids. At a home and garden show, we saw a Catasetum pileatum and were shocked by its beauty. When we asked people where to buy that plant, we were pointed to the orchid booth of one of the most important and re-spected orchid growers in Brazil's orchid history - Mr. Heitor Gloeden. Soon after that initial contact, he took us under his wing and taught us about orchids. As a native of São Paulo, I quickly learned about many orchid species. Those that I was first in touch with are still my favorites - Cattleya, Laelia, Sophronitis, Oncidium, Paphiopedilum and Vanda. I love all orchids, but these are the ones that have continued to populate my day-dreams, even when I was working on the options trading floor of the stock market at the Pacific Stock Ex-change! My father and I learned about orchids together, so orchid growing became a partnership with him. Today my dad is 90 years old, and we continue to spend hours discussing possible crossings, preferred culti-vars and plants that we still "need" to add to our respective collections. Still living in Brazil, he cultivates beautiful orchids there, while I pursue my hobby here in Northern California. I love it here. I immigrated in 1989 to Ohio. After college, I moved to California where I put down roots, made friends, and began cultivating orchids again. Herman Piggors, the founder of Oak Hill Gardens, taught me how to reproduce orchids in vitro, in a phyto-laboratory. I went on to learn more, not only in the lab, but also about planning crosses to produce amazing orchids that are improvements over their parents. Now at Olompali Orchids, my commer-cial operation, we dedicate ourselves to the improvement of species and creation of special hybrids. We pro-duce orchids with the objective of creating show type plants, with potential for becoming the next award win-ners. While working in the corporate world, I imported thousands of orchids from Brazil. Being busy as I am in my professional life, I failed to sell the orchids that I had imported, so I decided to grow, bloom, select the best ones and breed them. That crazy investment finally gave me access to breeding with the same ad-vance genetics that were in the hands of the best Cattleya breeders in Brazil being developed for over 50 years – “standing on the shoulders of giants”.

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