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2019 Participating Societies, Vendors and Exhibitors

2019 Show recap

DCOS member plants were awarded 74 ribbon awards with 22 of those first place blues. Our members also took 9 out of the 18 Amateur Rosettes which means their plants were rated best of all amateur growers for each of those plant classifications. All Rosettes, both Amateur and Commercial, then roll up to best overall for that type of orchid. Joan Mesander's plant Rhychostylis gigantea var orange was awarded best in the Vandaceous Alliance. Then their are Trophies like the Orchid Digest Award for display design that went to the North Jersey Orchid Society. Our own DCOS display took the AOS Display Trophy with a score of 84 points. AOS Display Awards are eligible for consideration for the AOS Annual Display award which measures all displays in all AOS judged shows across the world and is named in honor of Walter Off. The Off family of Waldor Orchids also entered a display in our show and they also continue to display each year at the Philly Flower Show for which they are noted for.

DCOS has two special awards that are named for deceased members who have contributed greatly to the society. The Dennis Dayan award for Best Species went to NJOS member Trudy Bleisath's plant Dendrobium darjeelingense. This same plant took an AOS award with a CHM of 84 at the show. Well done Trudy! The Best Specimen award is named for Daniel Parrottino and went to Waldor Orchids for their amazing Dendrobium speciosum `Kathy Ritz' JC/AOS. Best in Show also went to Waldor's Coelogyne cristata `Crestwood'.

Last but not least, we must mention the AOS awards of which there were 7 awarded at our show including the AOS Display award to DCOS and Trudy's Dendrobium. Dick Doran received and award for his Dendrobium Cheeky Doreen with CCM of 86. Madhu Chintala's Paphiopedilum Petula's Sensation 'Sriramulu' with an HCC of 78 was awarded as well. AOS awards are judged different from ribbons as they are comparing a specific type of named orchid to all orchids just like it ever judged by the AOS. Ribbon judging compares all orchids in the show to each other within a certain class of orchids.

All exhibitors should be proud of the quality plants they displayed in our show this year whether or not they received an award. Great job!

2019 Show Ribbon, Rosette and Trophy Reports

Four Show Award reports are available (full ribbon report, DCOS ribbon report, Rosette awards, and trophies

DCOS Show 2-2019 DCOS Ribbon Report.pdf
DCOS Show 2-2019 Full Ribbon Report.pdf
DCOS Show 2-2019 Awarded Trophies.pdf
DCOS Show 2-2019 Rosette Report.pdf

2019 Show Photo Gallery

2019 Lecture Series Schedule

Saturday. February 9th

10:30 Phalaenopsis Culture. Faye Arnett, Deep Cut Orchid Society

1:30. You Have Bought an Orchid... Now What? Tony Lombardino, Deep Cut Orchid Society

3:30. Growing under Lights. Stephen Evangelides, Deep Cut Orchid Society.

Sunday. February 10

10:30. Repotting Orchids. Bill Bodei, Deep Cut Orchid society.

1:30. General Orchid Culture, and Potting Mediums. Tony Silva, Silva Orchids.

3:00. Miniature Orchids. Peter Lytell, Deep Cut Orchid Society.

Resources for show exhibitors and vendors

Show and and plant classification schedule

DCOS Show Schedule 2019 Final w small typo fixed.pdf

Plant Registration form

UPDATED 2019 DCOS Show plant registration sheet.xlsx