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Deb Bodei

It is with great sadness that we share the passing of Deb Bodei. Deb passed away on May 31st, at home, with her husband Bill and her sister Laura by her side, after a brief illness.

Visit Deb’s online memorial at forevermissed.com/deb-bodei/about

Deb loved her family and adored her nieces and nephews. She had wonderful friends, and she loved them too. And she loved God and being a parishioner in the Parish of Saint Mary in Middletown.

Deb was an accomplished professional, working her way up in IBM to the role of Delivery Project Executive, prior to her accepting an early retirement in 2016. 

Deb was a past president of Deep Cut Orchid Society and has been a major force for good in the club for more than 15 years.

Deb stayed very active in retirement, volunteering for the American Orchid Society (AOS) as well, and played a major role in delivering some of the most significant projects the AOS ever undertook, culminating in the two yar long remake of the AOS website, aos.org. She also studied for 6 years to become a certified AOS Accredited Judge. Her knowledge of orchids was amazing. She enjoyed sharing this knowledge with our club and we will surely miss her.

Please consider a donation in lieu of flowers, honoring Deb’s memory, to the Parish of Saint Mary, in Middletown, NJ. https://stmarychurchnj.org/offertory-gift

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We are thrilled to welcome back Fred Clark from Sunset Valley Orchids (SVO). 

Fred Clarke has dedicated over 44 years to developing orchids hybrids and producing select species for the orchid enthusiast. These hybrids are one-of-a-kind plants, like original pieces of art. Fred began growing orchids and built his first greenhouse in 1977. He is committed to the education of orchid hobbyists from around the world in the culture of their plants. He is also a professional grower and manager in the horticultural industry; he applies these skills at his orchid nursery, Sunset Valley Orchids, located in San Diego, California. He is a passionate orchid grower whose curiosity in orchids is broad and varied. Although developing Cattleya and Catasetinae hybrids has been his sustaining interest, he is also actively creating new Paphiopedilum, Australian Dendrobium, Zygopetalum, and a few others to be named if they come out good! His pioneering work in Catasetum intergeneric breeding has led to the development of many notable hybrids, including the grex, Fredclarkeara After Dark, which produced “the blackest flower ever witnessed”, and received an amazing number of awards with 17 First Class Certificates and over 100 awards worldwide! Fred is an acclaimed speaker and travels extensively within USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and Central America. He is an accredited American Orchid Society Judge. His hybrids have received hundreds of quality awards for orchid enthusiasts from the American Orchid Society and Orchid Judging organizations from around the world. 

Becoming an 80 Percentile Grower"
Ever wonder what the most important requirements are for growing the best orchids?

Learn about the underlying reasons of how and why orchids grow as they do. Then explore the fundamentals and advanced growing techniques to best grow them. Orchid plant culture is explained as you have never heard it before. Learn how to become an 80 percentile grower, expect to be wowed by this talk!


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