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March Member's Meeting - March 14th, 2023

Monmouth Reform Temple, 332 Hance Ave, Tinton Falls, NJ 07724
Doors open  6:30 pm - Meeting begins promptly at 7:30 pm
Speaker: Madhu Chintala
Topic: Growing paphiopedilum orchids in the house and under lights

Abstract - This talk is about a hobbyist point of growing orchids in the house and under lights with an emphasis of paphiopedilum orchids. It will cover a range of topics from the use of pots/potting medium, watering, fertilizing, repotting, summering outside under shade/protection and exhibiting blooming orchids in the house.  

Speaker BIO

Madhu Chintala has been a member of the DeepCut Orchid Society for 10 years and has been growing orchids for about 20 years. This hobby started with the grocery store phals like most people and he soon realized that plants did little but grow a new leaf each year. More grocery store phals and the same issue. He then realized that he needed to do something about it starting with library books on orchid for dummies, talked to friends and soon stumbled on a DeepCut Orchid Society show at Monmouth Mall and from there on it was a slippery slope. He started collecting and growing a variety of orchids only to realized that slipper orchids started to do well under his care. Another attractive feature of slipper orchids is that they can bloom anywhere from 6-12 weeks. He enjoys attending the annual Slipper Symposium in Florida and the Paph Forum in Washington DC. He travels to visit orchid nurseries and orchids shows in the US and overseas. He grows orchids in the house in light carts, windowsill, a small orchidarium and takes many of them outside in the late spring to early fall. In addition to paphiopediums/phragmipediums he also grows a variety of other orchids including dendrobiums, cymbidiums, cattleyas, neofinetia, masdevalliasand others. He will share his experiences in growing these orchids .

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